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Sunny Estate
Roberts Barn

This barn was on its last legs. We had just completed putting a new roof on their house, and installing some energy efficient windows when talk turned to the falling down barn. The owners were committed to saving it so we went to work. We jacked the barn up, removed the old dry stone foundation wall and built a new concrete structure to support the barn. Aside from installing a new drainage system to divert an underground spring that constantly flooded the barn year-round, we were able to take the old foundation stones and build a very nice retaining wall behind the barn. New 8x8 posts were installed underneath the barn to replace the old cedar posts and beams. We finished the job with new packed stone for the bottom floor of the barn and landscaped the outside

Below is what it looked like before we started pouring the retaining wall.

Barns are Precious Resources in Vermont, and We Save as Many as We Can

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